Farm produced Alkasystem feeds – Alkalage®, Alkagrain® and Alkastraw® have been extensively used to create TMR (total mixed rations) and PMR (part mixed rations) diets that have a much better intake and performance characteristics.

This allows greater use of forages, home grown cereals and feeds of all types, and even cost effective roots and coproduct feeds. These superior TMR and PMR diets are then the basis of improved animal health and performance.


Now Alkasystems Technology is able to allow these mixed rations diets to be improved for all farms with the introduction of AlkabupHa® and Alkablend®. These new technologies increase the pH which buffers the diet in the same way as farm produced Alkasystem feeds. They allow the diets to have a lower total feed cost by permitting increased forage inclusion and to also be made ‘more potent’ with a great reduced risk of acidosis.


Download further Mixed Rations details in pdf format by clicking here.

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