Alkastraw® can be produced by mixing harvested straw with Home n’ Dry® – whether it’s straw remaining from either Alkagrain®, ‘head cut’ Alkalage® production or using chopped straw.

Alkastraw is produced by mixing chopped straw with Home n’ Dry and clamping. Once the ammonia has been released from the Home n’ Dry pellets by intrinsic enzyme action, a further reaction occurs leaving behind alkaline ammonium salts, mainly ammonium bicarbonate (which is also an excellent rumen buffer & nitrogen source) and full fat soya. The resultant forage is alkaline, stable, increased in protein content and as the ammonia also reacts with lignin in plant cell walls, has enhanced digestibility.




Use of straw in dairy & beef diets to improve ration structure and in modern high fibre dry cow diets is generally regarded as desirable. In particular this is true with regard to Total Mixed Ration (TMR) diets. However, on many farms the cost and practicality of preparing baled straw for feeding is not always easy.

  • A reduction in concentrate fed for the same performance

  • Higher production from the same weight of concentrate

  • Safely pushing higher feed rates for higher performance


  • It is a highly effective form of structural fibre

  • The enhanced protein level of Alkastraw helps with digestibility

  • The alkaline pH and fibre content aids improved rumen performance

  • It is very cost effective

  • It is easy to handle and feed - virtually eliminates feed sorting

  • It is unattractive to vermin

  • It is a stable feed mix and can be used slowly without heating or spoiling

When our customers produce Alkalage® from mature whole crop cereals a substantial portion of the material is chopped straw providing the characteristics noted above. This is one of the great values of Alkalage. However, for many diets the grain portion of Alkalage provides too much energy. Or the farm may prefer to harvest cereals as grain for either conventional grain processing or as Alkagrain®.

In these cases, Alkastraw production provides a viable option to provide this important straw component for the diet ready to feed out of the stack straight into the diet without baling.

Download further Alkastraw details in pdf format by clicking here.

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