Alkalage® production is a proven method of utilising own grown mature cereal crop feeds with Home n’ Dry to create a good quality animal feed that allows increased animal performance and health potential whilst reducing the proportion of purchased feeds in the diet.

Alkalage can only be produced by simply mixing Home n' Dry feed protein pellets with the harvested cereal crop, to create a higher protein alkaline mixture of forage and concentrate. Easy to use in a one step application - once in contact with moisture, Home n' Dry pellets release ammonia into the subject crop or feed - destroying microbes, moulds and some mycotoxins, effectively steralising the crop.






Once the ammonia has been released from the Home n' Dry pellets by intrinsic enzyme action, a further reactions occurs, leaving behind alkaline ammonium salts, mainly ammonium bicarbonate ( which is also an excellent rumen buffer & nitrogen source) and full fat soya.

  • Increased Protein

  • Not Acidic - Alkaline pH

  • Powerful Rumen Buffer

  • Stable Clamp Once Opened

  • Increased Digestibility

  • Improve Rumen Health

  • Effective in Combination with Grass Silage and / or Maize SIlage

  • Cost Effective Provider of both Starch and Protein Together


  • The mature crops has maximum starch and dry matter yield 

  • There are no fermentation costs - fermentation typically uses 12 to 15% of the nutrients in fermented whole crop

  • It is a stable feed mix after the opening clamp and can be used slowly, without heating or spoiling

  • It has increased protein content

  • The alkaline pH counters excess acidity from other feeds

  • It is unattractive to vermin

  • The Alkalage forage mix aids in the improvement of cow rumen and general health through it's alkaline pH and effective digestible fibre content

Download further Alkalage details in pdf format by clicking here.

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