Alkagrain® is a good quality alkaline animal feed with increased protein and high energy levels produced on farm or manufactured by mixing mature grain with Home n’ Dry®. It is safe to feed as a concentrate in balanced diets at 2 – 3 times greater than the feed rate of conventionally prepared cereal grains as a high quality, cost effective substitute for over manufactured and purchased feeds.

It is produced by simply mixing Home n' Dry with ripe, fully mature cereal grain and clamping. This can be done at harvest or with bought in grain throughout the year. The grain can be rolled / crimped before clamping or before feed-out.

The resultant alkaline, high starch feed material with added protein has allowed much greater use of cereals in diets for all dairy cows, beef, sheep and goats.



Alkalized diets allow you to push for higher performance whilst reducing the risks of losses from poor body condition, poor fertility and poor general health in dairy systems. They allow beef and rearing farms to drive more starchy cereal into the diet safely. This allows either:

  • A reduction in concentrate fed for the same performance

  • Higher production from the same weight of concentrate

  • Safely pushing higher feed rates for higher performance


  • Lower final cost than other methods of grain storage and treatment

  • It eliminates the drying cost

  • It has an increased protein level which is typically more than 15% crude protein or a higher amount is possible if required

  • The alkaline pH provides a buffer to support rumen function & safely increase cereal content of the diet

  • No further processing in the winter if the grain is crimped during the feed mixing process


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