Alkasystems Technology has been harnessed to produce AlkabupHa® – a complimentary feed stuff to be incorporated into the mixed diet where it rapidly releases ammonia. This reacts with the fermentation acids to reduce the initial acid loading of the diet before ingestion.




The benefits of non-acidic alkaline feed materials have been shown in many markets across the world for feeding the whole spectrum of ruminant animals in ways that enhance rumen health and performance. These in turn allow users to increase productivity whilst maintaining animal health and increasing the use of own grown or locally grown feeds.

Alkaline feed materials have allowed diets to be formulated with much lower underlying acidity - the first stage in tackling both SARA (sub acute rumen acidosis) and indeed clinical acidosis.

This creates a virtuous chain of events that the nutritionist can exploit to both increase animal performance and health. Also, to lower purchased feed costs and to utilise desirable fast fermenting diets so vital for producing the "hot diets" increasingly seen as important for high yielding cows and intensive finished beef cattle.

  • Reducing diet acid loading from the forages encourages increased feed intakes

  • Increased feed intakes lead to higher forage intakes

  • Higher forage intakes improve rumen functions and allow for better utilisation of fast fermenting and concentrate feeds

  • Better digestion and feed intakes maintain better production

  • Better rumen function reduces the need for costly bypass nutrients and increases utilisation and requirement for lower cost rumen degradable nutrients

Download our AlkabupHa Calculator by clicking here.

Download further AlkabupHa details in pdf format by clicking here.

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