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For over 30 years Alkasystems have been successfully used to feed animals by creating alkaline characteristics in cereal crop materials, Alkalage®, Alkagrain® and Alkastraw® by harnessing the ammonia release technology of Home n’ Dry®. 


In recent years the technology has seen the development of AlkabupHa® which reduces dietary acid loading from forages in Total and Part Mixed Rations (TMR/PMR) before entering the animal.


After years of careful development Alkasystems technology is now being used in manufactured (blended and pelleted) feeds where the whole feed is fully ‘Alkalized’ – creating Alkablend® and Alkanut® feeds designed to combat acid loading so common in animals fed manufactured feeds.


The benefits of non-acidic alkaline feed have been shown in ways that enhance health and performance in many markets across the world for feeding a whole spectrum of ruminant animals. This then, allows users to increase the use of own grown or locally sourced feeds and forages whilst maintaining animal health.


Five F Alka Ltd | Bellman Mill | Salthill

  • Foundation of Alkasystems Technology

  • High Protein Feed Ingredient

  • Maximise Potential of Crops

  • Easy to Use

  • Reduce Diet Acid Loading

  • Encourages Increased Feed Intakes

  • Promotes Better Digestion

  • Balanced Rumen Function

  • Increased Protein and Energy

  • Alkaline pH for Rumen Performance

  • Cost Effective Substitute

  • Safe to Feed as a Concentrate

  • Increased Animal Health & Performance

  • Stable Feed Mix

  • Aids Rumen Improvement

  • No Fermentation Costs

  • Enhanced Protein Level

  • Highly Digestible

  • Alkaline pH for Rumen Performance

  • Reduces Sorting

  • Fully Alkalized Manufactured Feed

  • Includes Alkagrain150

  • Balanced Rumen Function

  • Reduces the Need for Bypass Protein & Rumen Buffers

  • Fully Alkalized Blended Feed

  • Includes Alkagrain150

  • Balanced Rumen Function

  • Reduces the Need for Bypass Protein & Rumen Buffers

  • Produced from the Processing of Oatfeed Pellets with Home n' Dry

  • Helps to Manage Rumen pH

  • Provides Digestible Fibre

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